Here are some of the frequently asked questions about ShareBlu.

What is ShareBlu?

ShareBlu makes sharing videos, pictures and large files unbelievably easy. It is a user-friendly, inexpensive, portable and secured service to share data of any size.

How does ShareBlu works?

Step 1: Download and install ShareBlu on your computer from www.shareblu.com.
Step 2: Register with your email address.
Step 3: Right click on any file, choose a recipient and click send. The file is sent.

Can I use ShareBlu when I don’t have good internet skills?

Yes,ShareBlu is very easy to use; you don’t need any technical skills to use it. Just right click and file and select “Send via ShareBlu”, enter recipient’ name and your file is send.

How can I trust ShareBlu for sharing my Private information?

ShareBlu helps users to share pictures, videos in an encrypted and password protected way so that the privacy of the user is completely protected. There is no risk of losing the privacy of the data you send. ShareBlu uses bank level security to keep your private data private.

Can I share big size pictures, videos, and files?

ShareBlu helps you to share videos, files of any size from your desktop.You don’t have to go anywhere to share your large files, just go to your desktop and send any file using ShareBlu.

Does my friend also need a ShareBlu account to receive files?

Yes, your friend can still view files that has been shared with him using a link you receive in his email. Just click on the link to download the file.

Do I need to download the file every time I want to view the file as it is in my email?

You don’t need to download a file everytime you want to view it. Download the file once on to your ShareBlu account and the file is automatically saved on to your computer in the “received” folder. Just click on the file and the file will open immediately.

Do I need to manually save my files when I download them from ShareBlu?

The files are automatically saved in the ShareBlu folder on your computer so no need to back up the files manually every time.

How is ShareBlu different from Dropbox, Google Drive and Yousendit?

*requires configuration of multiple cloud accounts.

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