ShareBlu Personal

With all your data distributed in multiple public and private clouds, various storage devices and external drives there is no way of accessing and sharing all of it from a single point. ShareBlu provides single view to all your data across devices and storage clouds.


Aggregate your clouds and devices

No matter where your data is, you will be able to find it in ShareBlu. Aggregate all your clouds, devices and drives in one place.

Easy 2-Click Sharing

ShareBlu provides a simple 2-Click file sharing to your friends and family. You don't have to worry about various clouds, free space and their technical knowhow.



Bank level Security

ShareBlu offers multi layer security both over the network and in the drives. No one else can see your data. ShareBlu add a security protection over your public/private clouds, making them safe to use.

ShareBlu Private

You can own your private space over ShareBlu, which will be dedicated to you and provide enhanced security and storage features.


The first customizable file sharing platform

ShareBlu brings flexible and customized solutions for individuals and professionals.

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